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this has been a long, painful and exhausting week for me.

i`ve managed to leave work late almost everyday this week, i haven`t been to bed before 11 any night this week and one of my wisdom teeth is making my jaw sing and as with all other drugs, i seem to have developed a tolerance to both the lortab and the ibuprofen that i was taking.

ever so often for the last five years my wisdom teeth make an appearance that usually involves excruciating pain and they cut through my gums. i have spoken to my dentists about it, but they all recommend surgery. which seems like a good idea, except any dental procedures i need to have done, have to two hours or less in duration, as i said before i have a really high tolerance for narcotics. two hours is maximum amount of time that painkillers usually last for me. i`m loathe to think about some dentist rooting around in my mouth when the painkillers wear off; every scenario ends badly for us both.

work wise, i`m incredibly frustrated with my job this week with yesterday being the culmination of all my frustrations. i`m just going to leave it at that, because i`m slowly learning that sometimes, discretion is the better part of valour. i do however have an interview next week for a part time job which should make my summer, entertaining  if nothing else.

`may cause drowsiness` is always an indication that taking that medication will  put you down like a rabid dog.

my urologist prescribed an Atavan for me to take half an hour before the vasectomy and 15 Lortab to take as needed if the pain was overbearing. i have to say, that i`m not in much pain.

the getting kicking in the testes analogy is correct, but in my case it`s been the dull throbbing after the kick as opposed to the sharp savage pain of the kick.

i took one of the Lortab as soon as i got home as a pre-emptive strike and kept by berries cool with some frozen cranberries vic had in the freezer. i took another Lortab last night at the first twinge of serious pain and passed out almost immediately on the couch.

this morning there doesn`t seem to be much swelling and i heroically or stupidly depending on your perspective didn`t take any medication until we got back from vic`s coloscopy; she is in perfect health, but has been banned from sex for two day — that works out well. returning home, i decided against more Lortab this morning in favour of the ibuporfen and those seem to be working well.

i`m supposed to go back out to work tomorrow and i think i should be up to it, in two to three weeks or 10 – 12 ejaculations, i`m supposed to drop off a sample at my doctor`s. once there are two samples without semen in it, the vasectomy will be considered a success.

god, i love it. i spent most of today at my tattoo aritist we worked out what my last piece is going to be.

yes, this the final major work, i’m doing, after this the names of any future children, that’s it.

so he started, a lot of it is on my shoulder blades and my spine, i am in so much fucking pain right now. i’m going back on wednesday to do some more, this is going to be done in stages over the next couple of weeks. yes it’s that big, pictures will follow as each section is completed.

anyway my daughter is waiting, i’ll be back with more details later.