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this weekend will be the first time in almost year that i will spend more than one night away from vic. i`m going to SF for MacWorld from Saturday to Wednesday. we were planning on both going and celebrating our first anniversary together in SF but finances don`t permit. we`re doing our celebrating on the Friday after our anniversary by treating ourselves to dinner at Zola. it`s going to put a dent in our budget this month, but this is our first anniversary in three years together and well worth it.

i`m still however looking forward to going to SF, i`ve never been to the west coast, so it`s all part of the grand adventure, i realise that i`ll only have Sunday to do exploring and i already have a specific list of stuff to bring back for vic; you can`t be in love with a geek; of any sort; without some of it rubbing off on you. i also must make a pilgrimage to the Good Vibrations store.

Monday will be filled with getting my badge holder and checking out some of the pre-exhibit conferences. Tuesday is all about the keynote, which i intend to be posting live from. based on previous experience, i`ll have to get there early to get a seat even in the press area. and due to work constraints i return to Nashvegas on Wednesday, where i have to go straight into work.