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the wyf and i went to asheville, nc for two days, as part of her birthday celebration i got tickets for her to see one of her musical idols billy bragg, there are pictures here. good times were had by all of course, but that’s the reason for this post.

remember rule #5 of the ICoDP? here let me refresh your memory
“you have marijuana.
you will always have marijuana and related peripherals on your person, otherwise you will have connections with various retailers of said and be on a first names basis and immediate contact with them.”

we’ve been asheville an hour, just had lunch and driving to check into our hotel when we pull up next to a camaro that has seen much better days. my window is down because the weather is lovely and the passenger of the car turns to me and says in that voice “do you know where the trees are, man?”  amazing, i just got a drive by hit for weed. even with the explanation that i was from out of town was not enough to deter him from asking a second time, as if i was holding out on him. obviously this man has read the rules and i’m a disappointment and if word gets around i may lose my membership card.