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April 18, 2004 — Leave a comment

in the middle of the street, well actually, in the left hand corner of a cul-de-sac.

one of the series, viewable here.

it`s been a long and fun weekend and i`m too beat to edit the movie at the moment.

we`re having our first official house guests this weekend. actually they arrive tonight. and house warming tomorrow, i`m excited, we`re excited. our apartment finally looks like we live here, the boxes are out of the living room, granted there are now a batch shoved into our closet and under a table in our room with the rest destined for the attic. we have pictures up on the wall, books on shelves, granted more books than available shelving, but it looks neat enough.

i hoping some one shows up with a digital camera this weekend and i`ll finally be able to post pictures of the place.

hope you all have a great weekend although, i`m sure, i`ll get sucked in by the addiction that is js at some point.

today we get the keys for our apartment. ours. for the first time, we will officially be lessors, together. it`s been four weeks since i arrived and it`s been about settling in and even with all the expectations of things going wrong, three people unaccustomed to living together have found a rhythm. next week the rhythm changes again, for the better.

this weekend is the major moving but with keys in hand the boxes that have been packed and are in the process of packing are being transported by the carload.

with me still technically a non-person [no SS#] this is going to take a great deal fiscal juggling and worship at the great sacrificial altar of the household budget. i think we can do it however. we`ve been working at it and i think we can manage until i get full time work.

i have my fingerprint/photo/signature appointment at the local ins office next friday, bringing my existence as a person in the system closer to reality and taking some of the burden off vic. as much as i`m enjoying my times as a house husband, i`m feeling the baser imperative to being a provider.

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