Alternative Facts (March 2017)

April 7, 2017

Collecting my posted #AlternativeFacts for March 2017

March 01: Only non-Christian, non-white people can be terrorists.
March 02: Police departments treat all citizens fairly and equally and require no external oversight.
March 03: Politicians are public servants with the best interests of their constituents being their no. 1 priority.
March 04: All resources on the planet are infinite and can be accessed without any repercussions or detrimental effects.
March 05: Well-informed people get their news from a single source without confirmation.
March 06: A comprehensive sexual education curriculum increases the occurrences of teen pregnancies and STDs.
March 07: The criminal justice system is fair and impartial with no ethnicity punished or incarcerated more than any other.
March 08: Military equipment is a necessary crime-fighting tool for police departments, regardless of size or location.
March 09: There is too much emphasis on the decimation and destruction of non-european people in History texts.
March 10: Immigration is too simple of a process that requires more paperwork and interviews.
March 11: The quality of your healthcare should only be based on your financial worth.
March 12: Christianity is the only recognized religion of this country and should always be part of the government.
March 13: Old white men know what’s best for the coloreds, the foreigners and women.
March 14: The government should police the sexual behavior of consenting adults on moral grounds.
March 15: Isolationist trade policies are going to bring American manufacturing jobs back.
March 16: Racial and religious profiling has been successful in preventing criminal and terrorist acts.
March 17: The education system is providing students the necessary tools for complex manufacturing and technical jobs.
March 18: Marijuana use is a bigger public health crisis than combined prescription and non-prescription opioid abuse.
March 19: Building professional sports stadiums is the best use of taxpayer money.
March 20: America is more secure when we ostracize our allies, aggravate our enemies and cut funding to security organizations.
March 21: Racism no longer exists and the protections in place to protect minorities and their rights are unnecessary.
March 22: “Illegals” are simultaneously taking all the jobs and living off government benefits.
March 23: The Judiciary Branch knows too much about the law and Constitution and should be curtailed.
March 24: Functional and well planned mass-transit systems will not reduce congestion and pollution in large cities.
March 25: Sexual orientation or identification is a choice and can be corrected with treatment.
March 26: Prohibiting any substance has proven to be an effective deterrent.
March 27: Blaming others for your failures is the hallmark for excellent leadership.
March 28: There is absolutely nothing wrong with private companies having access to your internet search history.
March 29: Freedom of speech means you can say whatever you want without consequence.
March 30: The money politicians get from lobbyists has no effect on their voting choices.
March 31: Misconduct of any sort is only wrong if it’s someone who opposes you.