Alternative Facts (April 2017)

May 4, 2017

Collecting my posted #AlternativeFacts for April 2017

April 1: Being poor is a result of poor choices and laziness, anyone can become rich if they try hard enough.
April 2: The entire bible; stoning, slavery, loving one another, etc; should be obeyed without question and used for making money.
April 3: There is absolutely nothing wrong with presidential advisors being paid by foreign governments.
April 4: Party policies & campaign contributors must always be a greater priority in voting than constituents being represented.
April 5: Increasing the suffering of the less fortunate is the Christian thing to do.
April 6: Undoing a previous administration’s policies is best use of legislative resources and shows true leadership.
April 6: There is nothing that encourages the love of a country more than indiscriminate bombing.
April 7:There is no evidence the Military-Industrial and Prison-Industrial complexes exist.
April 8: Bombing has been used as effective negotiation technique in predominantly white countries since World War II.
April 9: Citizens should only question the government authority/policies when it’s an administration they don’t like.
April 10: Homophobia, racism and sexism are normal workplace and governmental behaviors and do not need to be corrected.
April 11: Taxpayers should only complain about golf trips and vacations when it’s a black guy.
April 12: Terms and conditions are written in easily understandable language and exist for consumers’ benefit.
April 13: Any past wrongdoing discovered afterwards completely justifies a physical overreaction by law enforcement.
April 14: Cutting funding for or denying scientific research is making America great again.
April 15: The best way to stop corruption in DC is to appoint business people with conflicting interests and questionable dealings.
April 16: There has been no evidence of systemic racism or profiling by any police departments.
April 17: Legislators should have absolutely no understanding of any science or technology they are voting on.
April 18: Transparency in governance is too expensive and should always be first on budget cuts.
April 19: Tax exempt organizations should have the loudest voice in government.
April 20: Purchasing new military hardware over fixing crumbling infrastructure will make America great again.
April 21: States rights are only a priority when they support your legislative agenda.
April 22: Visitors to the White House are only classless when they are Black entertainers.
April 23: Praying for wealth, judging others and turning away people in need are the basic tenets of christianity.
April 24: State schools should always spend more on athletic programs than on faculty.
April 25: An uneducated and uninformed populace will make America great again.
April 26: This administration is completely ethical and transparent in their dealings and requires no oversight.
April 27: Kansas’ tax plan was so successful it should be implemented nationwide.
April 28: Good governance is voting for pay increases for yourself while simultaneously voting to defund safety net programs.
April 29: Evolution, Heliocentrism, Climate Change and the Moon Landing are all fake.
April 30: Historically, there have never been any issues when religion and politics were intertwined.