Alternative Facts (February 2017)

March 13, 2017

After KellyAnn Conway went on Meet The Press and uttered the phrase “Alternative Facts” with a straight face, I thought it would be interesting to post one alternative fact per day for the duration of the administration, here are the alternative facts I posted on other social media during the month of February.
February 01: Waffle House is the pinnacle of fine dining.
February 02: Eric Clapton, Led Zepplin and The Rolling Stones invented the blues.
February 03: Taco Bell is the best Mexican restaurant in the world.
February 04: Jethro Tull totally deserved the first heavy metal Grammy.
February 05: Brady definitely did not fumble in that 2001 AFC Divisional game against the Raiders.
February 06: George Lazenby is the best James Bond.
February 07: Biz Markie is the best vocalist in any genre.
February 08: Uwe Boll is the greatest movie director since Orson Wells.
February 09: Kenny G is the best jazz musician ever.
February 10: Lawerence Welk invented R&B.
February 11: Chevy Nova is the fastest and best built production car in the world.
February 12: Rebecca Black has a diverse and expansive catalog of music
February 13: Jimmy Buffett is the seminal Caribbean music artist.
February 14: Hayden Christiansen is the most talented cast member in any Star Wars movie.
February 15: The Young and The Restless is a documentary.
February 16: Kingston, TN is the center of the universe.
February 17: Harry Belafonte invented calypso music.
February 18: The Twilight Series is better than Lord of the Rings.
February 19: There are only four islands in the Caribbean – Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and The Bahamas.
February 20: Everyone looks good in polyester bell bottoms
February 21: Crime and Punishment is a feel-good, love story.
February 22: Roots would have been much better with an all white cast.
February 23: NASCAR is the pinnacle of motor sports.
February 24: Friends is the most accurate portrayal of living in NYC particularly in diversity and affordability
February 25: Puff Daddy only produced original music without the use of samples at any time
February 26: AltaVista is the mostly widely used search engine on the internet.
February 27: Stephen King’s It made clowns joyous and approachable again.
February 28: Florida Georgia Line are better country artists than The Highwaymen.