Alternative Facts (January 2017)

March 13, 2017

After KellyAnn Conway went on Meet The Press and uttered the phrase “Alternative Facts” with a straight face, I thought it would be interesting to post one alternative fact per day for the duration of the administration, here are the alternative facts I posted on other social media during the month of January.

January 23: Peter Cetera was the best thing to happen the band Chicago.
January 24: Nickelback is a better Canadian band than Rush.
January 25: Vanilla Ice is the greatest rapper ever.
January 26: Milli Vanilli is the best singer/songwriter duo of all time and their acoustic shows are amazing
January 27: The Nixon Administration was the least corrupt and scandal free administration ever.
January 28: The Chicken Dance is the song least likely to give you an earworm.
January 29: 2 Live Crew and Luke make music appropriate to sing in church.
January 30: The 70s were the epoch of fashion.
January 31: Suicide Squad deserves to be on the AFI100 and nominated for all the Oscars.