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February 15, 2009 — 1 Comment

wherein our erstwhile theorist waxes on the differences between ponce-y and spastic dancing and communing with the mothership.

one of the channels our television is regularly tuned to when it`s on is VH1 Classic which has afforded me the ability to put forth this theory. there appear to be three distinct schools in alternative music video dance;

ponce-y; as evidenced by Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs or most other front men coming out the British new wave scene. obscure music trivia; Richard Butler`s was the member of another band called Love Spit Love who covered The Smiths `How Soon is Now?` for the movie The Craft which then became the theme song for the TV series Charmed. i am fount of useless trivia.

spastic; as evidence by Sinead O`Connor and Michael Stipe. however when it comes to spastic dancing all others are pretenders to the throne of Joe Cocker whose spasticness was forever immortalised by Jim Belushi while Cocker was performing on SNL.

communing with the mothership; the sole star in this universe is Pearl Jam`s Eddie Vedder who usually appears to be attempting to be communication with some otherworldly presence and the only way to facilitate this communication is to be wrestle the mike stand while staring intently at the mike itself.

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  1. Always dug Cocker’s Woodstock spastic-ness. He looks like he’s on the edge of a seizure.

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