You Need This Book!

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from the best selling ghost-writers who brought you The Crack® Diet, Embezzle Your Way to Riches and It Can`t Be Self Help If You Read It In A Book comes one of the best books of the day.

Filled with cheesy conundrums and pithy platitudes, this book is guaranteed to have a catch phase in hours and if it doesn`t we`ll do the circuit and provide one for you.

This book is guaranteed to change your life. Money? Relationships? Sex? We`ve got a chapter in our book that will help you. If you think you don`t need it, you`re deluding yourself. Until you read our books your life is hopelessly in shambles.

Written entirely without any sort of factual research or medical responsibility, by people with doctorates in such diverse fields as pet psychology, divinity and lawn care, our experts know what`s right for you, whoever you are.

Order now and we`ll send one of our special questionnaires guaranteed to make you feel worse about yourself. And if it doesn`t work, you haven`t been reading our books properly.

Remember only we can help you. We have no medical, psychiatric or psychological background but we know what`s best for you. Trust us. You are incapable of making decisions on your own, we know what`s best for you. We`re ok, you`re not.

Repeat after us, `We know what`s best for you. I will buy this book. I need this book.`

You Need This Book! available everywhere! Buy it today! It will change your life!

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