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September 21, 2004 — Leave a comment

i`m a big movie fan. i will watch almost anything. i grew up with my mother`s taste in movies or more accurately films. she was a huge fan as well and has regaled me with tales of her and my father spending all day at the various movie theatres in Port of Spain watching whatever was showing.

her influence wore off, because in my second to last year of high school, i cut class every afternoon to spend time in one of the six movie theatres in Port of Spain. sadly there are only two left and just barely at that. the theatres that remain are old school; one screen, a balcony with a box area, a house section on the ground floor and the space between the elevated screen and the front row of seats that used to be the orchestra pit.

there is also still a drive-in; or was when i left Trinidad last; that was barely holding on. it was there that my mother too me to see Star Wars, not episode IV, not A New Hope, just Star Wars and i was hooked. it was also the site of some necking that turned into one of the more interesting nights in my life; but that is a tale best left in my mind.

in my love of movies, i`ve sat through; and continue to do so; some truly horrendous shite which far outweigh the gems, but that`s what makes the gems so good isn`t it. there are movies that i`ve avoided, based on the hype generated; prime example being Titanic, which i haven`t seen to this day, movies that i`ve only need to see once that still resonate; Saving Private Ryan, movies that i will watch over and over again even on broadcast television; Shawshank Redemption.

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