where is true north?

March 26, 2004 — Leave a comment

my moral compass doesn`t seem to be configured like everyone else`s. well not of late, anyway.

i`m for gay marriage and i also think what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms is their own damn business. i`m pro-choice, but i don`t believe abortion should be used as a form of birth control. i support sex education for young people but believe they should try and wait until they`re older before having sex. i don`t think the war in iraq is justified, but i think saddam to be evil. i don`t believe in a welfare state, but i believe in fair pay for fair work. i don`t like bullies on any level.

there is a point to all this, bear with me.

at the end of april there is riverstages, here in nashville. the line up is fantastic, the price is phenomenally cheap. but i`m not going.

for the same basic reason i`m not seeing the passion either. i can`t willingly give money to an organisation or person whose policies or beliefs i don`t support.

the key sponsor of riverstages is clear channel and i have to say without compunction, that i abhor the way they do business. i`m not against big business per se, but the payola, the set playlists, the current witch hunt. it`s all just in poor taste and i can`t in good conscience give them my money. it would be for me condoning what they do.

i`ve said this before my moral high ground is an anthill, i try not to get sanctimonious and judgemental but there a certain things i can`t stand.

i understand that there are things that people will find offensive, i have a few, but that`s where choice comes in. if you don`t like what you see on the television or hear on the radio, you have a choice, you can change the station or turn it off. what`s right for you, isn`t necessarily right for me and because you scream the loudest doesn`t make it right either. neither does migh. that to me is clear channels greatest sin. they have the clout so they do as they please and because people are letting them slide, they`re going to continue.

my not going to the concerts is my humble way of saying, i don`t like what you`re doing. it may not seem like much but i`m not jaded enough to disbelieve that one man can make a difference.

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