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March 25, 2004 — Leave a comment

Want to lose weight fast? Think you have too much stuff?

Try the new Crack® diet. Guaranteed to rid you of everything in 90 days.*

No special meals. No counting carbs. Crack® is available right in your neighbourhood and for mere dollars a day. And you can take Crack® as often as you like. Not only does crack reduce your appetite it gives you bursts of energy.

But how does this help you get rid of everything else?

With Crack® your skills in sales will increase exponential with each dose. cars, household appliances, books, toys, even your newer trim body, It`s all for sale, thanks to Crack©.

No money? No stuff?

No problem. Do whatever you have to get Crack®, it`s worth it. Your friends and family will notice the difference.

What about my friends and family?

Encourage them to take Crack® with you or they wont understand the dramatic changes you`re going through and will try to stop you. Ignore them, they`re just jealous of the new you that`s emerging, thanks to Crack®.

Crack®. Helping you lose it all.

*No satisfaction guaranteed. No money back.

Crack® does not take responsibility for disrepute, arrest, abuse nor death.

Crack is a registered trademark of Illegal Substances Inc.

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