Springtime in the city

March 27, 2004 — Leave a comment

this is my first real spring, well if you can call it that, when it`s already in the high 70s [mid 20s for those of us accustomed to the metric system]. if i didn`t know what the temperature was, i can tell because of the change of attire. from the tops down on the convertibles to the skimpy shorts and the barely there tops on the college students.

another interesting development are the indigents. since i`ve been here i hadn`t seen any, now there are enough for me to recognise them and to see them getting rousted by the police. the change in the weather doesn`t bring out the best of people. does ticketing these people really help, if someone is living on the street, are they going to have enough money to pay a ticket? i don`t get it.

in the two days since the temperature warmed up i`ve seen a lot of flesh. i`m not a prude, by any stretch of the imagination. i enjoy the beauty of the human form, but sometimes i`d like something left to think about.

nakedness is sexy, but part of the sexiness is getting there. i must have forgotten what is is to me young, i don`t get it. i don`t see the need to wear shorts so miniscule and so tight that i can tell whether or not your labia`s pierced. i like boobies just as much as any other predominantly heterosexual man but there is a time and place for seeing aureola; during wardrobe malfunctions, tittie bars, porn [soft and hardcore varieties] and sexual encounters, not walking down the street because the top is so abbreviated. it`s just not sexy.

part of the attraction for me is the wrapping, there are few things sexier than undressing a woman, layer by layer, until she`s before in her naked glory. hot pants and halter tops eliminate part of that mystique, a woman in a full length skirt with a slit up to her knee and a man`s shirt sexier in my humble opinion. i guess it`s how i`m wired, it`s more mental than visual for me.

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