i must have grown

March 12, 2004 — Leave a comment

as i put the black pants i`ve been wearing into the current load of laundry, i`m looking around for something to put on. wait i have a closet full of clothes that haven`t been worn since i left naples in june 2001.

open the closet and try on the first pair of pants. ooh the waist fits, it`s not clinging to my hips like a second skin, we`re in business. but wait, they are about an inch above my ankles.

i`m not expecting to flood waters and it`s not like i`m putting on a pair of waders over these pants. it`s so weird, all of them with the exception of the jeans and the pants i`ve just taken off are all too short. not too small, just too short.

off they go into the goodwill bag. and i think some pant shopping on the agenda for this weekend. the problem with that is that i need baggy pants. i`ve got a big ass, there is not polite way to put it. my waist is still in the 38 inch region but i`ve got these big hips and ample posterior, so i end up having to buy 42/44 inch pants, but if they`re cut straight it`s pointless. they bunch up at the crotch and just generally look unsightly.

in other news i think i`m losing weight, i have no way of confirming this however. the first scale i got on went up to 199 lbs and went ERR. but that`s to be expected on a scale that goes up to 200 lbs. the scale here only goes up to 250 lbs and i got on it and i worked out i still weigh over 250. duh. i`m not fascinated enough with my weight to buy a scale outright, i just want to know so i can monitor it on occasion.

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