coitus interruptus

March 8, 2004 — Leave a comment

we got busted twice this weekend. the joys of a noisy bed and a concerned child. it was hilarious. there was no barging in just a consistent knock on the door and queries as to what was making all that noise.

as i`m typing this i`m still laughing. it`s been like that. we`ve been getting in a rhythm as a family and this is part of it. before last tuesday, our coital activities thus far have been without the presence of anyone underage. we`re learning to acclimatise.

today is my first official day as a house husband, i`m meeting vic for lunch to continue the apartment hunt, then i have to pick up the boy chick after school and then vic after work, in between all this there is laundry to be done and more apartment hunting.

i can`t say much more other than how natural it all seems. i`m comfortable, i`m happy. my work authorisation went off this morning and hopefully i should get my receipt by next week and i can start looking more assiduously for a job.

everyone have been very nice to me, except for that idiot the first day and the dmv and i`m letting that slide. the woman at the insurance office give me a number for a friend of her husband`s who runs a graphic shop. and i have this web development project. all in all things are moving into place.

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