i was driving home from dropping the boy chick off at school when i heard an  ad for the local paper, what had me bemused was the closing tag. it`s the same tag line we used in jamaica for the newspaper campaign i did.

it wasn`t plagiarism because before today i`d never heard it, hell before this weekend i didn`t know the tennessean existed. but somehow two people came up with the exact same idea to sell a newspaper.

i haven`t been seriously looking for a job yet. no point really until i have my work authorisation in hand but we did fill out an application form for the apartment that we like. tonight we crunch the numbers and see what we can and cannot live without.

my resume is up to date and i`ve been applying for stuff i see online, but i haven`t started whore myself out yet. you know dropping resume and portfolios hoping for a bite. i`m hoping not to have to resort to that, but we`ll see.

otherwise i`m fighting the flu. yep it took me a week i now have the flu, running nose and hacking cough and all. i`m riding it out, just to make sure i can build up a drug free resistance to whatever strain this is. obviously the paltry version of the flu from the caribbean is no match for these super germs.

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