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March 6, 2004 — Leave a comment

vic is at work, the boy chick is next door and i`m apartment hunting.

i think we`re still accepting the reality that we`re here. together. and it is amazing. we drove for 5 hours to see my friend sam on thursday night [the boy chick had friday off from school] and now i have a gig. not a full time job, but a project that will bring in some cash and keep me occupied for the next couple of weeks.

it`s amazing to sit in the car and talk and drive and do thing like normal people. i took vic to work this morning, then took the boychick for a haircut and then i`m taking him to a birthday party this afternoon, then we go pick up vic after work and we`re off to look at apartments and get a phone.

it`s been like that. sitting for a day and a half at the dmv trying to get my license. being told in this country we`re not married unless we have the same last name [the guy was an idiot and i didn`t have to deal with him again]. going to pick up the boychick from school. going to bed, getting up the next morning. oh yeah and all the sex you imagine we`re having and then some.

it`s been as simple as that and i`ve never been happier.

this coming week, the apartment hunt continues and i have to send off some documents to the ins, join the library and apply for my ss. i have my project to get cracking and i have to figure out how to get on the existing internet connection. currently, i`m checking my mail and posting this from the non-network ready dell. bleech.

the boychick is back and i need to figure out what we`re doing for lunch before we head off to this birthday party.

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