i’m far too chipper for a monday

February 16, 2004 — Leave a comment

i just came back from picking up my ticket. it`s hard to believe it`s only going to be another two weeks.

all tickets are in hand, i still haven`t finished packing and i haven`t organised the boxes, but i think that`s on the agenda for this afternoon.

i`m literally bouncing off the walls here. i`ve got a design to do for an annual report and i have a surfeit of ideas, i`m just completely hyper.

i`m also checking all the stuff in my drawers that to go this week to be packed, first and foremost, my dictionary.

i have no doubt that particular confession will raise more than a few eyebrows. why the hell would i bring a dictionary to work and much less, need to pack it to ship. well the simple fact is that i believe that it`s one of the essentials in my household.

besides this is no ordinary dictionary, this is the new oxford dictionary of english, 2001 edition. i bought this in london, on my trip in 2002 and it`s been travelling with me ever since. i place a great deal of value on a good dictionary, if i had the money, i would pay the $295 annual subscription for the OED online. words are a passion.

before this dictionary, i had been using a chambers 20th century edition that i`d won in a scrabble tournament, that had served me well. i believe it`s in storage with the rest of books that vic trekked to the wilds of naples, fl to recover.

that`s another thing i`m looking forward to, combining our libraries, vic and i share a love for books and words and both have large collections of books. i`m sure we`re going to have to constrain ourselves to a book budget every month when we finally get settled.

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