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Suppose you`re having what you consider an intellectual conversation with an individual that you met online and the two of you decided to exchange pics. You send the person a nicely groomed photo of yourself,but in return, they send you a nude photo of themself. What thought(s) would cross your mind? Would you continue the conversation?

why do intellectualism and sexuality have to be on divergent ends of the spectrum?

i think one leads to another, at least for me. they`re not mutually exclusive. i wouldn`t do it personally, i have body issues. there are a couple reason i would think that someone would do something like that, but it would be a generalisation and a judgement.

What is the ultimate sacrifice you`ll make for love and why? (this could be the love of a child, spouse, parent, etc.) Do you feel like you`ve already made the ultimate sacrifice what were the results

as a parent i don`t think any sacrifice is too great too make for your children. no ifs, ands or buts.

as for interpersonal relationships, well, i think, hmmm… read a few entries…

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