words can be difficult to swallow

January 3, 2004 — Leave a comment

Apologizing to a s/o or spouse can be difficult, especially when it`s a disagreement you`ve had numerous times before. Maybe you just can`t seem to get the word “sorry” out of your mouth, or perhaps you`ve tried every last thing you could think of to show them that this time you really mean it.

Men/Women, how do you go about apologizing to your mate?? How important do you think it is to apologize when you`re wrong?

in the closing days of my first marriage, the words flew fast and furiously. had they been physical violence, i wouldn`t be here today. the lesson i learned from that is to be very careful what you say.

it took me a while longer to learn to say i`m sorry and to admit that i was wrong. where i am now with vic, we have disagreements but we talk about them and work them out. i think it`s a matter of sorting it out before you get to the recriminations stage.

if you can sort it out early and work out what`s wrong and what`s upsetting your partner it helps with the apology.

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