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January 5, 2004 — Leave a comment

despite my general antisocial nature, i made a new friend this weekend.

that in itself is a cool story. on a forum i`m a member of, a new member joined from jamaica and i though i`d attempt to be sociable. so i asked what part of jamaica she was from, trying to expand the circle of people i know here.

imagine my surprise when i discover that she not only lives on the same street that i do, she`s four doors down. so i made a friend.

and my new friend took me off to a concert this evening. which was highly entertaining and enjoyable. i got to see one of the foundation reggae artists, ernie smith. who was in a word amazing.

some of the songs he performed i didn`t know, but those were in the minority. he was amazing and you see the difference in what it meant to be a performer then and now.

this may be a nitpicking observation, but the most annoying thing about a lot of performers today is the bad habit of cupping the mic and trying to shove it down their throats. the sound gets muffled.

ernie smith on the other hand projected into the mic and he was great.

well time for me to call it a night. the grind begins anew in the morning.

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