the joy of pain

January 24, 2004 — Leave a comment

i`m feeling the need for ink.

i`m ready to finish my back. actually i`ve been ready for months but time and schedules never meshed.

if you`re squeamish, i suggest you stop reading now.

ok, then, onward, be forewarned there`s some odd, possibly disgusting stuff later on.

my first really tattoo was the 13″ sun on my left shoulder. it took three sittings of about three hours each. i sat there on the chair in the upstairs balcony of darren`s [my tattoo guy] in st.james, a suburb of sorts of port of spain.

i was muttering the bene gesserit mantra and crushing my friend sam`s hand. the pain was intense, i have never experienced anything like it, before or since, even with the volume of work that`s been done on me to date.

darren likes to ink me cause since my back i just sit there, no flinching, no bitching. he joked about making a how to video with me, i sit and read, watch tv, basically just let him work.

that`s how it works, i go to him with an idea and he just run amok, with the exception of the orubus on my right arm, everything else started out with an idea i had.

i  have to say i like the pain, not the immediate pain while i`m getting inked but there`s a point just afterwards when your skin is raised, the sheer sensitivity of the skin when even the slightest breezes invokes a reaction.

not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter.

then there is the smell. it`s fresh blood, ink and torn flesh. it seems to evoke some sort of reaction from the dark recess of my reptilian brain. i like.

this is supposed to be my final major work, no more after this, but getting inked is addictive, the pain, the smell. i think i said it before when i did my left arm and since then i`ve done my right arm and started this major work on my back.

i know i`ll probably end up doing something else. but there is a degree of trust with darren that i`m not sure i`ll be able to find with anyone else. which means i`ll probably have to pay him a visit before i leave to join vic.

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