because, straw is light and easy to carry

January 25, 2004 — Leave a comment

and we can nibble on a wall or two even.

i hadn`t planned on posting again for the day, but this required getting off my chest.

i just had dinner delivered. pizza. hawaiian. the delivery guy asks “are you going to eat that?” i look at him puzzled as to why i would order something, pay good money and not eat it. the bewilderment at his question was obviously showing on my face, he adds, “there`s ham on it”

and it dawns on me, my hair. right.

since i moved here i`ve come to realise that in jamaica, rastafari holds the patent on dreadlocks or something equally insipid. this is not the first time it`s happened.

ok let me back track, if you don`t know according to what sect of rastafari you belong to, you don`t:

eat meat at all

eat swine

eat salt

eat food prepared by a woman menstruating

i`m sure i`ve missed some but it basically changes depending on who your talk to.

on with our story. yes, on with our story.

i went to burger king one day for lunch and order a whopper with bacon and cheese, again the question, “you sure you want that?” i shrugged it off.

but in the last week, i`ve had to answer the same question posed to me by various people i interact with on a daily basis. the conversation goes like this:

“are you rastafarian?”



“are you christian?”

“no. i don`t deal well with organised religion”


“so why you have your hair like that?”

“because straw… [insert odd look here] nevermind, i made a decision to grow my hair, a social experiment, a statement…”

“oh ok”

and the conversation usually degenerates from there.

i have to laugh or i`m going to cry, as i said last week, assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. dreadlocks does not a rastafari make. i`ve never been a vegetarian, i eat pork. lots of it actually, as often as i can.  i`ve been growing my hair for eight years and will probably cut in two years. i haven`t made a decision about that yet. so i can safely say. i predate revlon rasta trend by about at least a good two years. and while i`m on the topic about assumptions people make about me because of my hair which i forgot to mention last time, i`m not a some jacque st. john caribbean stud either, but that`s the subject of a whole other post.

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