with my immigration status still up in the air it would be wise to temper what i say in a public forum.

well temperance has never been one of my strong suits. there are a number of things that are occurring around me and for the sake of being with vic, i`ve held my peace, strangely it`s something non-immigration related that`s set me off this morning.

it was the simple act of verifying my email to be able to post. it wasn`t a big deal, i did and i was done, but i kept thinking, if we keep accepting that it`s not a big deal and let it slide, where does it stop.

the prospect of being fingerprinted and photographed upon my eventually arrival into the us, infuriates me to say the least. in the process of this application, i`ve been photographed too many times to mention and fingerprinted twice and you know what, it`s not fun.

i`m also a conspiracy theorist and cynic of the highest order, i ponder what`s being done with all of this information, where it`s being stored, who has access to it and for how long. i`m sure there are a couple people here on js who would say fuck you, stay where you belong you immigrant, my response to that is i belong at vic`s side.

we`ve jumped through the hoops and it`s gotten us this far but i would rather be dead and alone than mindlessly give up my right to think and form my own opinions, all in the name of security.

i believe the inexorable slide has already begun and every time we say it`s not a big deal, we slide a little closer to the crushing embrace of big brother.

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