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January 14, 2004 — Leave a comment

presentation one is wrapped, that leaves two and three which are my babies and i`ve been working pretty solidly on two, the actual presentation is tomorrow. i`ve worked late the last two nighta and by the time i get home i`m physically drained and pretty much collapse into bed.

it`s not a bad feeling, i come home feeling that i`ve done something worthwhile, i`m proud of my work, how it looks, what i`m doing, what i`m contributing. it`s a satisfied exhaustion. the kind where wake in the morning fresh with new ideas.

i however am not looking forward to facing the shower this morning, i haven`t had hot water in my apartment since the weekend. saturday and sunday were no problem, just bathe in the heat of the day, but since monday, the overnight temperatures have been dropping and it`s like showering with ice cubes.

i`ve also been carefully threading the line between persistent and annoying with the embassy in regards to my packet, you would think three years in to the new millennium it still wouldn`t take about eight weeks plus for a packet to get from one end of the caribbean to another.

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