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January 12, 2004 — Leave a comment

it`s been a long day, bear with me. it was highly productive today, but i`ve been going nonstop all day.

in typical anal retentive fashion, i followed up on my jamaican citizenship application which entailed two trips to the passport office. i then spent the rest of the day work on layouts for the presentation on thursday. then met about the layouts thus far and decided the main thrust wasn`t exactly on target, so it`s sort of back to the drawing board and some of the pictures have to change. it`s not as random as it sounds and it`s for the greater good, so i have no problems with it.

i finally realised i was doing myself no good and came home, this is where the freak part came in, i`m a huge james bond fan and amc is having a marathon all this week. by the time i came home i only caught the end of  you only live twice, but i`m hearing this piece of music and thinking why the hell does it sound so familiar.

anal retentive me, goes digging through the mp3 collection, i know this piece of music, i know this piece of music, as the end credits roll i hear another piece of music i know.

getting quite frustrated, i turn to my true research tool, google and to assuage my curiosity, i learned the following things

1. the end credit music was sung by nancy sinatra [which i knew] and the horn and instrumental portion were sampled by robbie williams for millennium, listen here

2. john barry [who scored a lot of the bond flicks] recycled the theme music from on her majesty`s secret service as incidental music in you only live twice and the reason i recognised it, because was the propellerheads [who are huge bond fans apparently] and the have a version of OHMSS on their album, which i love.

that album also features a track with shirley bassey and the piece of music that features in the lobby sequence of the original matrix.

this has been geeking with keifel. thank you and good night.

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