real connections or displaced electrons

January 7, 2004 — Leave a comment

I named my journal SOUL DEEP for a reason. I feel I’m giving people a view into my SOUL.

What causes a person to think of someone or make a connection with someone they`ve never physically met? Is it the anonymity or the mystery of not knowing who we are really communicating with? If you make an online connection with someone are you attracted to the inner or outer person? (I mean you are getting to know them intimately sight unseen. ) Could you fall for someone online and would that be enough of a connection to bypass outer appearances? If you do make a connection BUT are disappointed later by outer appearances, does that make you shallow?

i think i`m proof. it is possible to connect intimately with someone you met online. there are two option when you meet someone online, you could lie like hell, sooner or later it will catch up to you. or you can be completely and totally honest. lay it out on the line, all of it, idiosyncrasies, foibles, everything. if they can`t deal with it, you`ve displaced some electrons, you don`t exchange anymore emails, you move them off your buddy list, you haven`t committed too much you move on with your life.

there are some people you feel an affinity too, you may not to get into a relationship with them but you sense in the potential for great friendship.

as for outer appearances, i think our true exterior is formed by the person we are inside. yes there are good looking people, but the people with inner goodness, truly radiate beauty, it becomes them. so for you to like the inner person and then become horrified by outward appearances, you either truly misjudged the person or you`re shallow.

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