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January 7, 2004 — Leave a comment

i think my heart has stopped racing now. i`m still as hyper as a five year old on christmas eve. i don`t think i had very many coherent thoughts yesterday.

i`m still stunned. i`m happy, fuck i`m ecstatic, but it`s still tempered with boatloads of caution. we still have to wait on the embassy in barbados to get the packet [excuse me while i rant for a little bit… why is it in this day and age of secure and damn near instantaneous communication it takes 5 weeks for a letter to get from one end of the caribbean to another. the letter from the ins was dated november 25. that`s six weeks and barbados hasn`t gotten the packet either and they`re close to santo domingo than trinidad is.]

breathe, good karma, good karma, good karma.

so the embassy in barbados is pretty much the final hoop, this is where the caution comes in. the first person i spoke to there almost had me in tears yesterday, telling me that documents i`d submitted had expired and i would have to resubmit, eventually i spoke to someone who was more helpful, but the way the stories change with every phone call, i`m keeping my fingers crossed.

i`m not submitting my resignation until i have my passport back in hand. i spoke to my immediate boss yesterday and she was very understanding. that doesn`t make me feel any better about leaving. it`s the first time in a long time, i could get up in the morning and gladly go to work everyday.

everything has a purpose, the bigger picture will become clearer soon.

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