December 4, 2003 — Leave a comment

i love to feel and see vic`s skin against mine. it`s an amazing thing, she`s smooth and soft and our bodies intertwined is not jarring but complementary.

she likes to trace the patterns of my tattoos and i love her hands and her mouth against my skin. we share the same worshipful attitude with each other. the gentle caresses, kisses, touching.

showers are another form of worship, luxuriating in the water, playing, laughing.  vic`s skin flushed with the heat, pressed against mine, water streaming over us.

there are moments when i just sit and look at her, drinking in her beauty. imprinting the image of her in my brain.

one of the things i miss is just lying or sitting next to vic, the feel of her skin next to mine, it`s comforting, arousing, joyous, a complete feeling.

i long to experience that feeling everyday.

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