as the pendulum swings

December 3, 2003 — Leave a comment

sex has become a commodity and alternative lifestyles are becoming more accepted on a daily basis, yes there are hold outs but they`re becoming the minority as society appears to become more accepting.

my problem with this is the backlash. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. and particularly when something gets embraced by popular culture. already the metrosexual backlash has started gaining momentum [something i`m somewhat grateful for], but how soon before faddish acceptance of alternative lifestyles, not just sexuality, but religion are knocked on their collective asses by the swing of the pendulum?

as a child, describing me as conservative would be polite, anal retentive and straight laced would be more accurate. i would chide my mother for cursing at other drivers on the road, i was regular churchgoer, an altar boy for close to five years, i didn`t just toe the line, i recommended where the line should be. look at me know, i`m sure my mother wonders where she went wrong. but that`s just the problem, she didn`t, the primary difference between keifel aged 0 – 14 and keifel today is the questions.

at some point in mid-teens i started asking difficult questions and when i couldn`t get satisfactory answers, i went looking for my own. i`m still looking.

as a society, it`s not about asking questions, it`s about fitting in, even if you disagree. the current fad is being non-conformist or fitting in oddly. and eventually this will change. because someone high enough on the food chain will decide this is what is good for the masses. with enough money and/or power you can control the thoughts of the masses.

mob mentality always ends in violence.

i can`t remember if i came up with this or if it`s something i read somewhere and forgot. individually you can reason with most human beings and convince them of a point but societies tend to be sheep willing to be lead. religiously, politically, economically we`re all lead.

i`m not an anarchist, i think there should be order and i think we need to be managed. but definitely not by people who are volunteering to do so, they always have their own agenda.

remember mr. snaffleburger says: CONFORM! CONSUME! OBEY!

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