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December 5, 2003 — Leave a comment

it`s been on my mind all week and my body hasn`t been backward in making its needs be known. [official kitty count from sunday to today: 36]

i`ve been thinking a lot about how i got to this point and what drives me sexually.

growing up i know my mother had boyfriends, but i think there was a point where she may have believed she was setting a bad example so she stopped or at least i was no longer aware of them.

but sex was never a mystery for me, my mother was open and upfront about it and there were a couple books around the house and they were never hidden away and for a period of time, i pored over those books, learning everything i could. between man`s body, woman`s body, then sensuous woman and some other 70`s sex tome whose name escapes me at the moment, i learned the joys of my body, solo. i think those books helped shape me sexual.

i`m comfortable in my sexuality, the things i haven`t done are pretty much in the not interested column and even then i don`t think i`m in a position to judge, except for pedophiles. any motherfucker that puts their hand on my children, will die by my hand.

anything two consenting adults chose to do [primarily in the privacy of their own household] is fine by me.

i have a theory [told you, i have a lot of these things, too much time on my hands i guess] that there are three stages to natural sexual development:

solo; experimenting and learning about self, same sex; experimenting and giving pleasure to a body you`re familiar with and then finally the opposite sex. a lot of people skip a step, more power to them. i`ve experienced all three steps, not necessarily in the order i explained and i`ve learned a couple of things which i carry with me still.

1. learn what does it for you and share it with your partner, sex isn`t supposed to be a guessing game.

2. you are what you eat, how you taste men and women is dictated by what you consume [do the research, i did]

3. no means hell no, maybe means no and yes can still mean no. even if you`re both naked on the bed in flagrante delecto and they say stop, you fucking well stop.

4. forcing someone`s head up and down during  a blowjob, never polite, no matter how many movies you saw it in. it`s impolite and uncomfortable.

5. sex is supposed to be fun. it`s nothing to be ashamed of and it`s not a competition. enjoy it.

6. communication. it`s the most important part of any sexual relationship. even before the clothes come off.

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