yesterday c&w came to my humble abode and installed dsl.

it`s been like reaching the promised land.

i have an internet connection at home, my television remained off most of the night, i cooked while chatting with friends, i managed to stay up until almost 1am.

and the thought that comes to mind with great power, comes great responsibility. the first step to beating addiction is to admitting it, i`m an internet junkie and now i have absolutely no reason to leave my apartment on a weekend and it sort of scares me. i already found myself wondering if i can telecommute just so i can stay home, that`s so wrong.

even after going to bed close to, here i am up just before 7, back at the computer. but sadly with all of this bandwidth at my disposal, i managed not to catch up with vic last night.

hello my name is keifel and i`m addicted to the internet.


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