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December 29, 2003 — Leave a comment

The capacity to handle criticism and grow from it is a very important aspect of becoming successful.

Criticism comes in two flavors: constructive and destructive. Both should be handled carefully, albeit in a different manner.

Most people attach a negative connotation to the word criticism because it brings to mind something destructive. We all remember being taunted or criticized as children for no apparent reason, and those memories often linger into adulthood.

Destructive criticism aims to hurt an individual`s self-esteem, by causing psychological damage to people and rendering them less effective in what they do and who they are, as a result

How have you used critism to help you? Do you get easily offended if you feel you`ve done a good job, but yet someone still criticizes you? How do you go about GIVING criticism if you can`t accept it?

i can take criticism, i`m in an industry where you learn to take it early on, or you get out of the business. a lot of it isn`t very constructive, it`s just people throwing their weight around and there`s a lot of ego particularly in creative environments.

but as i`ve said before i`m not one for popularity contests and alpha male behaviour, so i can take constructive criticism and because of my attitude, i can make suggestions without coming off like an asshole.

at least i can do it now. i used to be a really fuckwit in my youth. i`ve learned to be a lot more sensitive in my critiques as i`m gotten older.

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