the sweet smell of success

December 2, 2003 — 1 Comment

i can smell my longing, at least i think i can. it`s almost tangible. i got up this morning and reached for vic, that was how real the scent was.

my sense of smell has always been fairly sensitive and it only gets better. one of the things about vic that has been imprinted onto my brain is how she smells. there are very few artificial scents on her.

i`m not against people who wear perfume, but it should be an accent, not overpowering. perfume shops give me an instant headache, the scents are like an out of tune orchestra playing at full volume. all it does is assail my senses.

sadly, we`ve fallen prey to advertisers who encourage us to hide our natural scent. i`m not saying don`t bathe, but understand that we smell the way we do for a reason.

which brings me to a point about pheromones, the body secretes this to help us attract our partners, it a genetic throwback and i think we should pay a little more attention to it. the same way we know food is bad i think we have it in our reptilian brain to know when someone is bad for us. i`m not talking about the general body odour can be helped with a bath, but something more visceral. we can sense it and we should pay attention to it.

as an extension, i also believe there is a scent you emit when you`ve been single and unhappy for a prolonged period, i call it the scent of desperation. i believe it starts developing a couple months into being single when you start to think that there isn`t someone is out there for you and you start dwelling on what could be wrong with you and relationships you`ve been in. as time passes it gets stronger and you fall into a vicious cycle, no one will go out with you because the can sense the desperation and you spend more time questioning your self-worth.

don`t believe me, look at from the other perspective from the time you`re content and settled [in anything], people start crawling out the woodwork, it`s like all of a sudden you`re the bees knees. but it`s really simple, they don`t call it the sweet smell of success for nothing.

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