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November 24, 2003 — Leave a comment

today is my first official day at work. my living arrangements are settled for the time being. [although i`m looking at two bigger places this evening], the cable installers are supposed to swing by this evening and i should hear from the phone company this week as well, which means i have to wait another week for internet access [due to some strange bureauracracy i can`t apply for internet service until i have a phone in my house. go figure] so until such time as i have access at home, my post are going to be from work.

my apt, as i said before is tiny. it`s a studio, which means it`s just two rooms with sections defined by the quality of the furniture. in what constitutes my living, kitchen area,  i have two single beds, a computer desk with chair, tv, vcr, refrigerator, kitchen counter, stools, a stove and cupboards. i have an equally tiny bathroom, with what has to be the tiniest shower in the world, suffice to say, if i drop the soap, i have to get out of the shower to get it. but all in all it`s not too bad, it`s a 15 minute cool stroll to the office, which is going to do me some good.

i`ve been eating take out all weekend, but i think this is last of it. i spent closed to JA$18,000 [now before you go screaming bloody murder, the exchange rate is US$1 = JA$60 [you do  the math] and i think i have enough food for the next three weeks, plus i had to buy flat ware and pots. i haven`t procured a good kitchen knife yet, but the search will continue today.

sans cable this weekend, i caught up on my reading, Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix, got lots of sleep, reorganised my mp3 collection and thanked my lucky stars for the the speakers i bought, i managed to watch a batch of futurama episodes i had on a dvd, as well as monty python`s the meaning of life.

vic also moved this weekend. it`s so odd both of us moving and not to each other. sigh. hopefully the next move for both of us is together.

there`s not much else to tell, so i`m off to earn my keep.

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