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November 25, 2003 — Leave a comment

yesterday was my first official day of work and what can i say. i got to spend most of the afternoon watching tv. can`t really complain about that. i doubt every day is going to be like that, but that`s a pretty high note to start on.

i also cooked my first meal in my apartment last night, it wasn`t bad, i think the fact that stoves soots, just completely threw me. there is nothing i hate more in a kitchen than a stove that doesn`t work properly.

i did however find a knife, two actually, but only one deserves the volume of praise i`m going to heap on it.  it`s 5″ long, weighted and balanced, sharp as fucking hell. i love it. nothing like a good kitchen knife either. i also realised yesterday as i threw the pasta into the pot, i had no salt, no sugar either. i think it`s on of those things you`re so accustomed having in your house you never put on a list.

i also went to check out a new, bigger apartment last night. i liked what i saw, but i need to run it past the powers that be here and probably see somewhere else before i make a final decision.

there`s not much else to tell, i walk to work, i walk home, i make dinner, i  fiddle on the computer, i read, i go to sleep. i`ve become king of the truly mundane.

btw is it my connection that seems to be caching all the js pages? or is something going that i`m unaware of? pm and let me know.

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