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October 2, 2003 — Leave a comment

i spent most of today trying to get my machine to boot. yes this is a geek post, so back out now if you don`t want hear about my adventures on my mac with os x.

i`ve been running os x since it came out, i`m an early adopter, always have been, you`ve got beta software, i`m the man to give it a whirl. i started with the apple sanctioned public beta, which i loathed and despised. then when i came back from florida i installed the first release on an imac dv and i fell in love, i`ve been using it ever since.

sometime after i came back i invested in the powerbook pismo [the last of the brown/bronze/whatever colour that was powerbooks] i installed 10.1, which was out and the time and i`ve been updating ever since.

the pismo died, well the power controller board died, so i got a new machine and i swapped drives and upgraded to 10.2.x whatever was new at the time.

so today after many upgrades including one that i can`t mention or i may just have to kill you, my os died. that`s what you get for running beta software, i pulled out all the stops, tried a few of the old tricks but in the end i decided a clean fresh start was in order.

so here i am, all formatted and clean installed running beta software, restored all my other shit from backup. woo hoo. there was no point in this other than celebrating my geekdom.

thank you and good night

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