decisions, decisions, decisions

October 3, 2003 — Leave a comment

today was d-day, in more ways than one, i still haven`t heard from the jamaica people and based on our current financial situation i decided to whore myself out a little longer here.

my resignation still stands but they agreed that i would be full time freelance. which basically means i still show up here, but there are no benefits. [hmmmm, how is that different to now, i wonder]

there is supposed to be an increase, to match my daily rate, but i`m waiting to see that in writing. and i only have to give a week`s notice before i bail.

and that has been my day thus far. well, plus going to the printer to check on the annual report and running about taking pictures of billboards.

i`m tired, i have a headache and i`m broke. what esle is new.

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