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October 5, 2003 — Leave a comment

i very rarely write about my children in here. just never felt the need, they`re an integral part of my life, but i`m extremely cautious when it comes to them. i have two intelligent, precocious, beautiful girls and i worry about the sort of sick freaks that are out there. but i digress from my original point.

yesterday i was taking my younger daughter to her mother and because it was raining we stopped and had lunch in the mall. over lunch, we discussed politics, well as much politics you can explain to a 10 year old. she was curious as to why people would vote for arnie? and the things being said about him in the news. told you she was bright.

over lunch we ran into a parent we knew with her son, they`ve gone on outings and hikes together, so he`s not a stranger. just before they leave he comes over to our table to show her some toy he`s just gotten and i swear to god, she rolls her eyes at him. it wasn`t a literal eye roll, but the sentiment was there. it was amazing to experience. it was sort of, “don`t you see my father and i are discussing matters of importance, get away from me with your trifling nonsense.”

there are times when i worry about what`s going to happen to them when they hit their teens and then moments like this i realise i just have to keep talking to them and it`s the people out there that are going to have to look out for them

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