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October 6, 2003 — Leave a comment

last year i spent two months in london, but the high point of this particular trip was vic`s visit. the boychick and vic came over for a week and amazingly i got see more of london that i usually do, we went to museums, we took a bus tour, we had an adventure.

it was one of the nicest weeks. one of the reasons i think vic wants to move to london, so badly is that no one gave us a second glance, well there was the woman who looked at the boychick holding my hand as we walked away from the natural science museum, but she just looked puzzled. it`s also one of the reasons, i want to get out of trinidad, what i look like doesn`t matter to these people it`s what i capable of.

i love london. i love the diversity of it, i love the food, the pubs, the crowds. yes the crowds, i`m a people watcher and there is no group of people more fascinating than londoners.

this was supposed to be a travelogue but it turned into something else.

the bottom line is the urge to get out of trinidad is getting stronger everyday, somewhere is calling. somewhere where we can be together or at the very least see each other on a regular basis

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