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September 4, 2003 — Leave a comment

well that`s a bit of an exaggeration, i have an 80s playlist in itunes and i`m sitting at work with peter gabriel and general public and madness et al blaring out of the speakers. i am incredibly sleepy and there are all these very strange thoughts running around in my head.

if a straight woman who hangs out with gay man is a fag hag, what`s a straight[ish] man that hangs out with gay women called? {edit: a beard]

i just remember someone else who should stay home and enjoy their money, a couple some-bodies really. phil collins, lisa marie presley are two more people that should just fuck off and leave us to hell alone.

like i said this list will continue to grow as the names come to me.

and another thing, mtv and vh1, change your fucking names. talk about false advertising, when is the last time either one of these channels aired a fucking video. i thoroughly enjoyed i love the 70s and the 80s, but do i really to need to know about the glamourous life of j-lo and hot young pop stars? i think fucking not.

and what is this other piece of tripe that mtv has foisted on us the view. really who gives a fuck about jessica what`s her face and her equally forgettable husband. your reality cheque has bounced and the alarm clock on your 15 minutes has been fucking ringing for about 2 years.

i feel like a geriatric sometime when i complain about the poor quality being produced today. it`s a bunch of recycled garbage, i find myself listening to, more and more, the music i grew up on. everything seems so manufactured and commercial. i`m not saying there wasn`t manufactured and commercial in the 80s, do the names stock, aiken and waterman ring a bell? they foisted kylie [version 1], rick astley and quite a few soon forgotten one hit wonders but there was something about it, that didn`t seem so greedy and malicious as it seems now. or maybe i was still innocent then.

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