i hate being right all the time

September 4, 2003 — Leave a comment

sometime mid-afternoon i realised the internet connection was dropping. so like the good techno weenie that i am i called to inquire.

“oh nothing`s wrong”

“are you sure?”

“positive. have you cleared your cache?”

“yes and i`m pinging servers and none of them are responding”

“well it must be your connection.”

“oh really? well, l`ll reconnect.”

hung up the phone, reconnected, same problem, intermittent connection failure. struggled with it for the rest of the afternoon. called again just before i left…

“oh, we`re having network problems”

well of course you fucking morons, i told you that two hours ago. i really try not to be rude to tech support people but i`ve done tech support, i probably know more about their job than most of those phone jockeys, but at TSTT [hell yes, i`m calling fucking names] these fucking nimrods believe they are always right so when i call i always have to deal with the same fucking condescending tone. i hate that.

i`m using another account with another isp to connect but the problem seems nationwide.

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