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August 5, 2003 — Leave a comment

i am firmly of the belief that my boss is sniffing crack in her office, either that or every time she opens her mouth a little more of what`s left of her brain leaks out.

i must be a complete fucking idiot to think i could work for someone so insipid. i have no idea why she`s irking me so much. actually that`s a lie, we get a brief [well not an entire brief, just an outline] for a presentation on august 20, now bear in mind, i spent most of yesterday working on an ad for another bunch of morons [which we had the pleasure of doing because of some political connections of one of our board members]

[aside: i always knew the police service here was populated by morons, yesterday i discovered how high up the chain the stupidity goes.]

on with the tale, this morning, the braindead wonder called my boss comes up to me and says `i need a logo design for * [* being the client we`re presenting to on aug 20], tomorrow, i need to animate it.`


breathe. i applied for the bank job. i don`t have to put up with this shit. i can find a better, less stressful job. i know i can.

all of this begs the question, why am i so upset? i`m upset because i barely have a brief, haven`t been able to do any research and the hair flicking, tittering nitwit wants me to assign it to my junior artist as well.

my resume and portfolio are here. if you have a job for me let me know. please.

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