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August 5, 2003 — Leave a comment

needed something to distract me from stabbing my boss in the eye with a sharpie and found this on littlewashu’s

Full Name: keifel anthony horatio st. clair [and a paisan last name]

Sex: male  

Birth date: 08/23/71 [check the countdown to see when it is]

Age: 31


Understanding: try to be.

Open-minded: very.

Arrogant: when it comes to work

Insecure: At times.  

Interesting: i try to be

Friendly: not immediately

Smart: so i’ve been told

Moody: without vic around yes.

Childish: as much as i can

Independent:pretty much

Hard working: too much some times

Organized: most of the time

Healthy: only genetically so, otherwise i don’t do squat

Emotionally Stable: hmmm, i’m seperated from my wife for months at a time, what do you think?

Difficult: so i’ve been told

Attractive: there are rumours. i’m not sure i believe them

Bored Easily: not with a good book

Messy: sometimes  

Thirsty: as a matter of a fact, i am.

Responsible: i try to be.

Obsessed: yes.

Angry: camling down now  

Sad: sometime, more often than not now

Happy: i try to be

Trusting: more so than i used to be.  

Talkative: when i’m nervous.

Content: not right now  

Deep thinker: sometimes.

Self-disciplined: not even close.

Sleepy: nope.

Lonely: very. i miss vic

Sexual Orientation: non practising bisexual

Who was the first person you kissed (sexually)? i can’t recall

What age: i think i was about 14.

Are you single: married  

Do you have a crush on anyone: does my wife count?

How many Partners have you had: what sort of partners?

What do you regret most out of your relationships: that i wasn’t completely honest

What have you learned from relationships: be yourself

Are you shy sexually: no.

Do you masturbate: i do, but i haven’t for a while

Do you prefer to be asked out, or do you like to ask: i have a massive fear of rejection, so i prefer to be asked

How long do you think you should wait for sex in a relationship: When it feels right.  

Do you kiss on a first date: when it felt right. but there are no more first dates for me.

Are you an affectionate person: i am. lots of hugs

What’s your favorite position: any where i can see my partner’s face.

Love or Lust: lust after the one you love

Have you even been in love: Yes.

If so, how was it: it grows more and more everyday

How long does it take to be comfortable sexually around someone: it depends on the person

Favorite part of the body: legs and mouth.

What’s a good height: hmmm, never though about it

Submissive or dominant: switch

Any specific type you go for?: Intelligent, strong, funny

i feel a lot better now. back to work.

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