the world on a string?

August 14, 2003 — Leave a comment

not quite, but this morning it feels pretty close. the only thing missing out of my life is victoria. i like feeling good. i like feeling happy. i could complain but where is it going to get me right now. if you are a regular reader you know there is a cycle but as i pointed out to a friend last night, yes there are highs and lows but there comes a point when the lows don`t last as long or seem as deep. this is what i`m focussing on.

there is one more day left in the working week, i think i can finish everything i have to do for the presentation next week today, so that means i can start printing tomorrow. that said, even work is not bothering me as much. i do what i need to and i`m out, this job is really not worth a second thought.

i`ll be thirty-two in just over a week, i`m married to a woman that makes my heart sing, i have children who love me, i have a skill set that makes me employable and with enough motive and opportunity, i can make being self employed sustain my family. why shouldn`t i be happy?

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