the lights are out

August 13, 2003 — Leave a comment

and i home. [aaah, nevermind. that robert palmer reference wasn`t going to fly anyway] the power is out and i`m sitting here in the dark. lovely thing about a laptop, you can just keep going. well for another 2 hours at least.

this afternoon continued pretty much as the day had, i`m very relaxed and still pretty happy, my mother is off to grenada for a couple of days, so i have to take care of my grandmother, the dogs and the cat. i think everyone should survive til she returns.

it`s interesting sitting here in the dark, the moon hasn`t risen completely but the stars are out. now would be a good time to go to bed, can`t read and i should conserve battery power, but i want to talk to vic and it`s too hot too go to sleep. i`ve been thinking about our relationship a lot today and i`ve realised that i`ve never been this happy or complete with anyone. it`s why being apart from her makes me feel so lost. it`s as simple as spending time with her, not doing anything, just in her presence. i feel settled and complete.

the dream over the last two nights was very simple, just the two of us standing somewhere our arms intertwined looking out at something, my face in her hair.

i`m holding on to that. i`m going to sit outside for a while and look at the stars and conserve some battery power.

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