why is it, getting paid in the country is such a fucking problem?

you come and find me; you had to work real hard, because you get the number in the house that less that 10 people have, ask me to do the work, i go out of my way to help you. i send you a bill and crying over it.

what the fuck is that about?  you fucking well found me, i didn`t come begging to do this shit. pay me my fucking money and stop whining.

i hate this fucking shit. i hate the colonial fucking mentality. i`m sure when the fucking assholes in europe saddled them with the illegible piece of shit they were on his knees paying homage to them. if they had to send the file back to get it converted they would have to pay more than what i`m charging. i hate being in a position, where i need the money, so i have to back down on the price.


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