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August 11, 2003 — Leave a comment

i`m up and i`m lightly packed. i realise i like travelling, going to the airport and getting on a plane is one of my great joy. i`ve been hunting about information about temporary internet access in antigua, but i`m not seeing anything, yes, i know, i`m addicted, it`s only going to be about 30 hours.

i have one thing to do in the office today and that alone should provide me with hours of amusement, although i`m sure there`ll be a production meeting this morning.

why do they call them production meeting, i think the nanosecond of true productivity in those meetings is completely overwhelmed the minutes, nay, hours of pointless ramblings. hopefully, all the last minute trip shit will preclude the meeting.

i need to find another project, i`ve realised that i have nothing to do with my spare time, which actually means i`m going to be broke next month. jesus, i`m broke now, just checked my account balance online and i have less money than i thought.

i need to find some paying work.

time to go. i`ll try to post during the day, otherwise, i`ll be back tomorrow.

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