hi honey, i’m home [or diary of a useless one day trip]

August 12, 2003 — Leave a comment

let`s start with the departure yesterday, i got my pittance of a per diem and made my way with my boss and two other co-workers off on this investigative junket. at this point we`re still pitching for the account and the trip was on the perspective client`s tab. also on this trip we representatives of two other ad agencies pitching for the business. so it`s 9 of us total, we all have the same itinerary, our tickets and hotel are booked and paid for.

and should be ready for us right? no.

we get to the airport, i approach the counter and tell the woman there i`m here to pick up tickets for… she waits til i finish my spiel to tell me, they are no starting up the system, hold on a minute. ok, my cacker-flappers are already flapping from the rest of the days experiences. i tried, i really did, but jesus but the people behind that counter just infuriated me with a level of incompetence. 7 people with prepaid tickets show up for a flight, you have a fax confirmation in the office, but you wait til we show up to start writing the tickets and the comedy of errors continued for about an hour. eventually i just walked away from the counter in disgust. finally we all got our tickets and managed to get VIP treatment for the rest of the trip.

we got to our destination a little after 10pm, check into the hotel [no internet access]

ok, this is the third millennium, internet access should be a standard, but i digress… it`s close to 11pm and all of us are ravenous, so we go off on a food jaunt which was quite successful. i got a fairly descent steak and red stripe out of it, i can`t complain.

what i can complain about is my employer who proved to be an embarrassment to us all, time and time again in all our waking hours, actually every time she opened her mouth. i could detail every time but this is already turning into the mother of all posts. i did managed to say a prayer in the moonlight on the beach, so like i said it wasn`t all bad.

today was a full breakfast, whirlwind tour of facilities, more embarrassing utterances and a meal of stupendous taste and proportions, i`m still trying to digest. i served no purpose on this trip, i could have stayed in the office and done fuck all. but i`d have missed the meals and the drinking.

ok, i`m tired, i don`t wanna type anymore.  i want to talk to vic and go to bed. i couldn`t fall asleep last night and i still managed to get up early this morning.

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